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Meet the new Trio ACO HMO plans

Health care can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. We get it. Our new HMO plans can help simplify health care, improve health outcomes and lower costs. What makes our new HMO plans different is how Blue Shield works with select doctors and hospitals in the Trio ACO HMO network to share important information about your care. The goal is to place you at the center of your own healthcare community.

Help is always just one call away

Our Trio ACO HMO plans offer you the convenience of Shield Concierge. It's a single phone number for all your customer service needs. Whether you need help finding a doctor, getting a prescription filled, paying a bill, or even want to talk to a registered nurse, pharmacist, health coach or social worker, you'll get personal attention. Having a single point of contact makes navigating the healthcare system and getting to the right care faster and simpler than ever.

Our plans may save you money

When doctors, hospitals, and insurers actively share responsibility for delivering coordinated care, the process becomes more efficient, which ultimately can lower costs. Plus, there are areas in California where members get the affordability of lower premiums and the predictability of low copays and low or no deductibles.

Enjoy benefits to simplify your life

Primary Care Physician (PCP) – After enrolling in a Trio ACO HMO plan, you will be assigned a PCP in the Trio ACO HMO. Your PCP will serve as your main point of contact to help you manage your health and well-being, while helping coordinate care if you need to see a specialist. And don’t worry, if you prefer a different PCP, you can make a change after you get your Blue Shield member ID card. Visit to find local doctors and hospitals in the Trio ACO HMO network.

Teladoc – Trio ACO HMO plans include Teladoc, giving you the convenience and affordability of consulting a doctor without leaving home. Learn more about Teladoc.

Find our new Trio ACO HMO plans

Trio ACO HMO plans are available in 22 California counties. See if Trio ACO HMO plans are available where you live.

Great news, Trio ACO HMO plans are available in your area.
While you are shopping, look for the plans that include "HMO" in the name.

Although Trio plans are not currently available in your area, we have a wide range of PPO plans giving you the freedom to choose from more than 43,000 doctors and 320 hospitals across the state.

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