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Dental and vision coverage

Total health includes oral and vision health. If you have children, their dental and vision needs can be covered by one of our pediatric dental plans and the pediatric vision benefits we include in every medical plan. But what about you? For as little as $34.50 per month you can get complete coverage by adding valuable family dental and vision coverage to your medical coverage*.

Family dental plans

Protect your smile with one of our valuable dental plans, and you’ll enjoy a broad range of benefits with access to a large network of providers. Add vision coverage as well to save on routine care such as eye exams, glasses, and contacts. We even offer a convenient dental + vision package — Specialty Duo1 — to make it easy for you to get the best of both worlds with one simple purchase. All of our family dental plans can be purchased with or without a medical plan.

Pediatric dental

Pediatric dental is an essential health benefit for children under age 19, and must be purchased when applying for a medical plan directly through Blue Shield. We offer four pediatric dental plans to choose from. Download our pediatric dental plans flier for more information.

Family vision plans

Keep an eye on your vision health with a Blue Shield vision plan. The Ultimate Vision 15/25/1501 plan is a comprehensive vision plan that features a $150 frame allowance, and Specialty Duo offers the convenience of dental and vision coverage in a single package. Both plans can be purchased with or without a medical plan.

Additional health plans

Native American Plans

In addition to our standard health plans, we also offer plans designed specifically for eligible Native Americans. These plans allow Native American members to access covered services from Native American providers for $0 out of pocket. If you are Native American, visit our Native Americans plans page for additional information.

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